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#378595 - I said handing the used knickers over to her as i watched the cunt Michelle grow red again,her face scarlet from where Louise had slapped her only a few moments ago. “I don't have time for this or neither do i want to know anything about your nasty business, I just want to get this over with as quickly as possible,sign the hard copy of the contract and be on my way, I have done the meet and greet thing that Michelle wanted me to do and now i need to get on, all i ask from you two is that you respect my wifes wishes, you provide for her what she needs and wants, make her happy and that makes me happy, i will pay anything in the world to keep her happy and this is her latest adventure, i do not want or need to know what goes on with your company and my wife and i assume you will grant my wishes and with hold any of this information from me, I will never see any of you again, Michelle will be the only one contacting you from now on, she has full control of the account we set up on

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