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#120423 - He gently applied the cold cream and then in serted a finger then again till it was going in easily and then he got on top of me and said gAnd pe lagao so I guided his dick while he kept spreading my ass cheeks This time he just kept pressing gently till it popped my ass open. I called my close friend home and told her the story, and sought her advice, she laughed allowed and asked me “dekhne mein kaisa hai” ‘Meaning “I was surprised by her irrelevant question, She cooed “you lucky Bitch, What are you waiting for” ENJOY!! He is like my own son, u BITCH, I slapped her lightly “ mere sath bhej de fir , mera to bhatija nahin lagta wo , aur tera bhi kaun sa blood relation hai” I only got more confused, when next time Rajeev called that he was not going to be able to reach home tonight, my heart bounced suddenly and I could hear my own heart beat racing. After few minutes he got up And put the light off.

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