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#122533 - 30pm, she told me to get into her car and we’ll go to the café on the common which was a converted van, and she’ll treat me to a coke, well l was in no rush. One afternoon l was kept in to read to Mrs Renauld’s because l did not complete the homework she set and as l read she was twirling the hair at the back of my head, l paused what l was reading and glanced sideways to see right into her blouse due to one of her buttons being undone the sight of Mrs Renauld’s bra with a good view of tit made it hard to now concentrate on what l was reading. Julia lay on her back before me, l slid a couple of fingers into her pussy her juices ran from her hole like a river she told me to stop teasing then the penny dropped, Julia wanted my cock rammed firmly into her wet hole the next thing to cross my mind was ‘breathe and relax’, looking down between her legs l noticed her sex juices were stuck to her pussy hairs like a spiders web.

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