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#204385 - They awoke at supper time as Maryellen knocked on their door and leaned her head in and said wake up you to luv birds we have supper served in the dinning room so come down and eat with us it's pretty much our rules that all guest who come and stay here come to the supper table. That fog they had into had vanished!! AS up ahead of them came a Wagon Loaded with hay and thankfull they somehow could get help and find out how in the hell they'd ended up on this country road when they were traveling down the road on asphalt. Louie then went down to her legs massaging first one thigh to the knee, then the other, and began working right nearly into Irene's very private area and moving back down inside each thigh to the knee as well as Irene couldn't help herself and opened her legs a bit as he worked back up now having the freedom to get his fingers right nearly into the nice thick mounds her cunt lips were attached to.

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