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#128893 - Foxx, but he was thicker and lots harder!!! With my dick being rubbed between the carpet and my belly, it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load all over myself while Chris emptied his nut sack deep into my bowels!!! Oh my, it was wonderful!!! Good grief, diary, gotta go now, Jamie!!! THE END. Foxx gave me the nod, I quickly ejaculated in his mouth, leaving him one very satisfied customer!!! Whoa, it’s really getting late, seeya next week sometime, bye for now, Jamie!!! March 15 Dear Diary, Jamie here again!!! Mr. Foxx had him take off his clothes, and I was stunned to see what a huge cock this pretty boy had between his legs!!! I was so confused!!! I wanted him to go away, but at the same time I wanted him to fuck me in the ass!!! Mr.

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China kousaka
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