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#239175 - Avery's office with her eyes full of tears. Now, my dear, Sybil said, as she removed her house coat, let mama make her little girl feel al better! Now slipping down beside Glenda, she cradled her head to her ample breast and let her nurse, comforted by the fact that she was safe and secure in the bosom of her older friend. Okay dear, this is how I calm down my own two children when they're feeling low, she said, while feeding one of her hard nubs into Glenda's warm mouth, suck it my child, let mama make her baby feel all better! Far from being shocked, this was exactly what Glenda needed, to be taken back to a time when having her mouth on a large nipple would make her feel safe and secure! Oh mama, Glenda sighed, the feeling of contentment coursing through her as the result her nursing on Sybil's big tits, please take care of me!!! Holding Glenda's head in her arms, Sybil cooed softly while the young girl suckled and nibbled on her huge nipple, th

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