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#56819 - . The nurse did all her things and got me sitting in the saw room mom and Jess walked into the room everything good mom what is Jess living with us or not yeah actually when me and Jackie got off of the phone she was calling the moving company she was excited Jess was happy enough with saying yes she hated leaving her alone for such long periods of time, also she said every holiday either us or them will be flying down cool I smiled at Jess she smiled back The technician walked in shortly followed by the doc hey mom James, I don't think if met you looking at Jess I'm Jessica hi Jessica He shuffled through the paperwork well James what were gonna do is get these off of you take you to X-ray and we'll go from there sound good sounds great He walked out and the technician got all of his equipment together, he fired up his saw and started cutting the cast on my left hand as soon as a

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