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#208556 - He pushed the record button and got back on the bed. Don’t lie to yourself, you enjoy this, becoming my slut you’re enjoying it aren’t you?” Hunter said emphasizing each word with a powerful thrust. He thrusted with powerful thrusts, causing his crotch to collide with hers over and over again; Paige gasped each time he went balls deep into her ass, but the gasps were turning from pain to pleasure.

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Rei ryuugazaki
Female ejaculation is a real thing but usually it is a small amount off liquid that doesn t look good on camera so a lot of times in porn they have the porn star pee while squirting so it looks like a huge amount of liquid another method if the female star can t squirt is to use a douche and then film the douche water pouring out and they just move there hand over the stars vagina to make it look like it going flying so the answer is a lot of squirt in porn is pee but squirt is a real thi
She sure gets stuck alot
A goddess