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#291573 - She had to put plan 2 into operation. Lucy went and washed and put something decent on, she was going to wash her daddy’s cock so her mother wouldn’t see the mess, but she decided to leave him as he was, after all what could she say. About ten minutes later her bedroom door opened and her mother walked in, she was still naked and had a look of anger on her face, as she walked towards Lucy she said, “How dare you walk into my room” “But mom I thought you were Ill” “Don’t lie to me, you knew Uncle John was here, “But mom, I didn’t know you were” her words were cut short as her mother slapped her across her face, knocking her back onto the bed, “Don’t think I don’t know your touching your self and were thinking about having John fuck you, well for your information, you’re an ugly little girl and no man would want to fuck you” “Mom, how can you” again she was cut short by another slap across the face, “And don’t you even think about telling your father what you think you saw, he’s s

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