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#392115 - “Every night he would paw at you and never give you what you needed, such a selfish bastard but we have been planning to finally give you want you need and now we can. I lean forward before thrusting my head back against the nose of the man holding me, I can see the knife the other man was holding on the floor by the door `if I can just get to it I can stop this’ I think to myself, one hand releases me but not for long, it comes back with a growl from the owner and an even bigger knife which he presses against my throat hard enough to just pierce the skin and small drops of blood to drip down the blade and trail down my neck, his other hand moves from my mouth and holds my head back against his chest as I gasp at the sharp pinch of the knife, the sound of my gasp pulls Nicks eyes to me, he sees the blood and stops punching the other man, his right hand still raised. I can see tears filling his eyes, his hatred at himself loud and clear.

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