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#54810 - Ok Dave this time I’m gonna woop your ass I teased Suuuure What you don’t believe me? I asked in mock hurt eeeeerm no he answered with a grin Want to make it interesting? I challenged Sure be my guest, what do you have in mind? Now, with it being Christmas we had been drinking, and as a joke I suggested strip CoD Hahaha, bring it he said calling my bluff Fine I said not wanting to back down one item for one kill, until the time runs out, one of us is naked or won’t carry on Deal he laughed confident he would win. In the end he decided for me ok a deals a deal on the floor he said grinning as he opened his legs motioning me to kneel in between his legs, his cock curved up pointing towards his face as he lay back into the sofa watching me. We started the game and within the first minute I made my first kill causing him to pull off his jumper luck sod he grinned but as I got two more kills his smile faded as he took of his socks.

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