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#325623 - She pushed us away and swung out, hitting John and Peter, I managed to move out of the way, she quickly turned on her heals and ran out, the three of us just stood there looking at each other not believing what we had just done, then it hit us, what if she tells a teacher, for the next half hour every little sound out side we thought a teacher was coming for us, or the police, but no one came. This never happened again, I saw Linda about and she had a lad from her class on her arm, this lasted about one term, then she had another lad in toe, for the rest of her time at school I think she went out with all the lads in her year. When I was head boy a first year girl came up to me, Chloe, she was Linda’s younger sister, she told me Linda had told her to find me out and I would look after her, I asked how Linda was, “Mom and dad have gone crazy, she came home the other month saying she was having a baby, and didn’t know who the father was”.

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