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#5655 - I wiped what cum that was covering my shaft over her bum cheeks then put my cock away, l heard Vicky say “that was a knee trembler” then stood upright to adjust her clothing and we left the alley to make our way home. My sister Vicky confessed to having fantasied about being fucked by me, l admitted that she got my cock hard when she walked around the flat in just her bra and knickers. Vicky with a wicked grin on her face said she had a job for me and asked me to bring a razor to her bedroom, when l went into her room she was laying on the bed naked with her legs over the edge, she spread her legs further and pointed at the forest between them then declared it was now my job to keep her bush in shape there was a towel, bowl of water, Vicky past me an aerosol of shaving foam which l squirted into my hand and rubbed into her pubic hair.

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Alfredo martini
Nice sex education
Anyone knows name of music at beginning
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She did it well nice play
Who loves it when they put their tongue in between the clitoris and lick it over and over and over made me squirt in my leggings
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