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#45141 - Then as I poured us another drink Tracey started to flirt as usual, with the drink the way she was dressed and the amount of flesh she was showing when she started to talk sex I developed one hell of a hard on and having not had chance to fuck Tina in over two weeks I really needed empty my balls. Tracey noticed my 8” cock making a tent in my trousers and giggled then gave it a play full slap followed by a quick grope which nearly had me exploding in my pants. I took her dress of and removed my shirt and trousers then rolling Tracey on to her belly I pushed the end of my cock straight into her wet pussy and started to fuck her with long slow strokes going as deep in to her pussy as I could and as I fucked her I slapped her arse making her squeal with pleasure and pain, after a few minuets fucking her doggy style I pulled my cock from her pussy and spun her over, lifting her legs as high as they would go I again pushed my erection deep in to her juicy pussy and this time fucked her ha

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