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#30330 - Coming out Cori is still ied on the skids with cum leaking out of her pussy and asshole “Why look at that Grant must have got him some while we were away Johnny!” Just then Grant comes around from the side of the barn, a cloth in his hand. Meanwhile Johnny and Grant were getting a good view of her pussy and ass, Grant liking what he saw “So do you think she wants into Canada so bad cause she got something to deliver?” Johnny turns to him, “What are you on about?” “Well you know smuggling drugs in her ass or pussy like they do on the tv program?” “Well Grant, you may be onto something, but i for one don’t want no shit under my fingernails, so how we going to find out?” Grant walks over, with one thrust his hand is inside her asshole, almost to the wrist “Oh she got a warm asshole and it’s gripping my hand like a pussy does a cock!” Johnny walks over and penetrates her pussy with his middle finger. Grabbing the blankets tossing them down, making a bundle of them “Now

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