#147348 - The guttural moans of lust and satisfaction as I wiped my face clean with my fingers, gathering their semen, and sucked the fresh cum from my hands, just before another turgid member thrust into my mouth, fountaining my mouthful of mixed seed out onto my lips and chin… —Twylla grunting as she rooted aggressively in my cunt, making me cum twice in a row… —The sound of the door closing behind the last man as he left… —Lying alone in the red light with my head in Twylla’s lap, sucking the cum from her fingers as she wiped it off my leather collar and fed it to me with surprising tenderness… —Reveling in the moment, knowing I had truly freed my inner cum slut, that she was a genie who would never go back into the bottle… —Gazing with expectant trepidation into Twylla’s eyes as she held me, their depths busy with thoughts of me in a thousand different positions, already choreographing my promised night of bondage to her every desire… —My pleasure at taking my iPhone out of

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