#315470 - thank you max she said as she wrapped her arms round my neck a gave me a long kiss before we headed out to the living room, as I turned I saw Ashley disappear into the living room with a look of jealousy, hate and disappointment on her face There's my birthday girl mum said as we entered the living room, Ashley sunk to the couch looking like she would burst into tears as Izzy eyeballed her from across the room, unlike the other girls, Ashley was wearing a dress that didn't expose her cleavage but still hugged her perfect ass, God that ass is good I said to myself, I slapped myself to forget what I just said and forced myself to remember what she did to me, but part of me just wanted to leave that in the past and get at that ass. The rest of the night at the reastulrant seemed to last forever. Tiffany imeadiatly sensed something wrong with Ashley and started digging into her as she did with me a week ago, it's ok you can tell me I'm a physchiatrist s

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