#43671 - . Me and Harvey haven't had a argument in a few weeks we have feel out sure and had words sure but our sex life is back to when it was when we first meet, Edvard is going up so fast and is now walking, Harvey has a job and I am working on expressing my feeling without having to drink a bottle of jack Daniel's to do that and working on my English written. I really didn't want to burst my beautiful boys bubble but me and Harvey made certain promises to each other when we rebuilt our marriage and I wanted to keep to them so, I said to Harvey I need to talk to you baby Harvey gestured for me to take a seat I did it today, I went to see him Harvey looked at me kind of shocked but knew what I was talking about after what looked like careful thinking the only word Harvey managed was and? and I was scared but I am glad I went to see him because if I can only build bridges with him over a prison table so be it Harvey gave me a hug and said I am proud of you baby Harv

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Misato katsuragi
At 7 min i almost got off watching you deep throat
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No lives matter