#356050 - Suddenly, she screamed out loud, closed her eyes, thrust her pelvis out and shuddered violently as I felt my cock lurch and my balls tighten as I shot my load against her cervix. Christ!! For the uninitiated, a basque is a difficult piece of clothing to get off quickly! But I persevered with the job in hand and eventually it was lying on the floor beside the bed and in the process her back, thighs, bottom, belly and tits had all been well and truly fondled! When we were both totally naked apart from her black nylon hold-ups, it suddenly occurred to me that although I had licked her, sucked her, fingered her and she had done all these things to me AND I had fucked her up the arse the one thing I hadn’t yet done was to penetrate her cunt with my cock! But there was it seemed something she wanted to do first; she wanted to sit on my face! Well what could I say? It seemed a good idea to me so I slid down the bed to give her room and invited her to give it a go! She knelt over my chest wit

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