#176159 - but I can’t get a good view!” His mother walking in as he jumped away from his window acting like he wasn’t doing anything and praying she didn’t see! “What are you doing honey?” Kim starts walking to the window as she stared to look around! “Mom I wasn’t doing anything!!” As he was trying to get her attention away from the window! Kim looked at him and then back outside seeing Abbies ass sticking out the door! “Oh my god someone’s stuck in the dog door! Joey did you know about this!?! Don’t you lie to me young man!” Joey in a panic started too try and say something as he tried to make another lie believable! “I don’t even go to the backyard mom how could I know that! I used your spare key from them to get inside! Not through the back!” Kim not really believing in what he said but what was more important was helping that poor person! Kim started to speed walk to her backyard and walk through the shared gate as she saw Abbie’s naked ass in clear as day as she could see

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She lowkey looks like alanah pearce in the thumbnail