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#223115 - i-i d dont want to he laughed bitch i dont care about what you want she gave him a sad face please dont make me,please josh he looked away for a second then back at her just do it or i will really hurt youshe started taking off her clothes and stood there naked in front of him good girl now get on your knees she did as she was told and got on her knees ,he smiled and unzipped his pants then took them off,then took his boxers off to reveal a huge cock ,kristy looked at it wide eyed stop staring and suck it she kept staring suck it or i'll hurt you bitch he grabbed her by the hair and moved her head closer to his cock,she opened her mouth and he shoved it in good bitch she sucked harder and then he started hitting her back with his belt and she ,suprised, accidently bites down on his cock he groaned and pulled her up off her knees,giving her a hard slap you stupid bitch,damn you he slapped her 2 more times hella hard she held up her hands in defense please.

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