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#67609 - “Okay, both of you strip,” Jack ordered, “and make it fuckin’ snappy, we don’t have all day here, I’ve got another white pussy comin’ up in a couple of hours!” Dana felt an instant pang of jealousy at the thought of another woman sucking Jack’s big black boner, but she knew better than to even act a little upset by that bit of bad news! When both of them were completely naked Jack casually fingered Dana’s drooling pussy while asking, “Hey, pussy, have you ever sucked a big cock?!?” Frank wasn’t quite sure he had heard correctly and asked in askance, “W-what do you mean by that???” “Jesus, baby, he is always this fucking stupid?!?” “I ask you a question, cunt, now answer me!!” With real fear now quickly spreading through him, Frank gulped loudly and replied, “N-no, never. ” “Yeah, sure,” he shot back, “and get my ass kicked for my trouble, not thanks!!!” Before Dana could reply to her mewling husband the door swung open and a smiling Jack invited them inside.

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