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#371542 - Within days Walter is given the Nobel Prize in medicin and is on the cover of both health journals and every newspaper and magasine on Earth, dubbed as an angel sent by god by the theists and a genious by the scientific community several hospitals are named after him and he's invited to have dinner with presidents and kings all over the world. He's places adds in all the newspapers, magazines and even on Face Book, it states that he's looking for males and females 18 to 55 to help him test his experimets and that each participant will be paid $5000. Finally Walter presses the bottom button and the large wall dividing both rooms retracts revealing a king sized bed, Walter has quickly moved into another room where he sits infront of a large television and waits to see what happens, the changing rooms are filled with hidden cams that allow Walter to see everything that happens.

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Ema hinata
This is a man