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#47906 - Inside the plant the van cam to a stop, the doors opened to reveal agent Smith who was not alone several armed guards were at his side, this way girl's time to get you cleaned up for processing he said with a smile as he pointed to a door that had a sign above it Clean Room entering the clean room Molly and Samantha saw other girl-cow's waiting to be cleaned up and sent to processing. Standing up, I know and it is unfair but the state alternative meat regulations say any rating change from grade A's are to be processed immediately, my hands are tied tighter then yours are right now, I am very sorry he said as he began to walk toward a door with a sigh above it reading Visitor's Room, Balcony Level just before opening this door he turns if it makes you feel any better your family's are here in the visitor's room to watch your slaughter he could see that somehow this did not make them feel any better and left the room. Upon entering the roo

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