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#186562 - then in the kitchen to fix a frozen diner I heard Jacks car start and levee, Then as I ate my meal I heard Jill's car pull in. After all the finical arrangements where made, every one had to help pay all the expenses. That was when I was told All new members had to go through some form or initiation.

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I need a boat now lol
Ash ketchum
That s awesome i really appreciate it and i m glad you both enjoy them so much it s kind of unreal to me how lucky i get sometimes myself lol do stay tuned though because i ve met quite a few new hot chicks had a 3some last night and i was so stoked because i d been wanting them both at the same time for so long that i didn t think to ask if they minded me recording and posting it next time for sure though
Keita amano
Love the way she rides a dick