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#21069 - I sat down and a girl came over with a drink I didn’t order and said you are not him, I smiled and said no Hun I am his Son Glenn and you are, she looked down and said I am Betty, Master Glenn it is a pleasure to Meet you I said likewise what did you bring me here, she said your Dad liked 7&7 I took a sip and it was good I said that will work thank you do I pay now and tip she said no Master it’s done on a tab and you take care of it when leaving the club but tonight it’s on the house because you are a legacy Master and have not been introduces as of yet, I asked are the Slaves permitted to drink she said it is up to the master, I asked do you know my Mom she said yes Master very well she is a sweet lady, I said bring me whatever she gets and two cokes, she left and came back a few minutes with what I asked for I then told her Mom and two of my Slaves are in the back changing I am waiting on them, she said it’s my job to go get them I didn’t know you had any I am so sorry I will be rig

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