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#78882 - I asked, “What are you going to do?” Angelica said, “I don’t know! I know that I don’t want some fat old judge fucking me for the first time! I don’t want that to be the memory I carry in my head for the rest of my life like Bethany does! Angelica told me that since Bethany turned fifteen years old twenty-two different judges have fucked her! I’m going to turn fifteen in three months and I don’t want them to fuck me!” I asked, “Can you just tell your mother?” Angelica laughed and said, “No way in hell! She doesn’t care what I want!” I asked, “What do you want?” Angelica said, “I want you! I want you to hold me, to kiss me, and to be my only lover! I want you to marry me, get me away from my mother, and I want to have your babies!” I asked, “Really?” Angelica said, “Yes you dummy! Why do you think I stare out my window at you everyday after school. Angelica turned and led me up the stairs to her bedroom. Angelica was even more beautiful than usual.

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