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#64796 - I looked at my sister and said “Follow me!” she quietly followed me up to her room and stood in the furthest corner of her room “Take of all your clothes, get on the bed and spread your legs!” she did everything very slowly, I let her take her time and set up my digital cam recorder, she looked at me with so much hate, I smiled and gave her a vibrating dildo. “Go put on the TV!” she did and stood away from me so I said “Come sit down next to me!” she did so cautiously , I pulled her closer and undid her cuffs, she rubbed her wrists and said sadly “Why are you doing this to me?” I smiled and said “Because you’re a bitch to me, know I’m making you my bitch, and if you tell or disobey what I say I will pop your cherry!” she nodded sadly and a little relieved so I took off her jumper and said rubbing her arm up and down “Sit on my lap again this time facing me, I will fuck your arse again and you will kiss me!” I took off her trouser my self and pulled her onto my la

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