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#194276 - She fell down on the sofa after she finished, Turned around slowly, her legs spread, she looked so tired Ok she said That wasn't all bad I just stood there above her Did I say we are done? For a brief second, I could see a small spark of excitement in her eyes But then she looked tired again I can't, i cant keep going she said Start touching yourself, now i was firm She started touching her breasts Squeezing them, her gaze never left mine She sent one hand down to her beautiful pussy that was red and sore She rubbed her clit softly I looked at her touching herself, our eyes still locked I started rubbing my cock We picked up the speed without talking We did it fast and strong now Then i saw in her eyes she was ready I let myself cum I came all over her body, she came immediately It felt amazing, we both moaned as we came together. Our eyes were still locked for a while after I was looking down at my cum filled aunt What have i done? I just blackmailed my aunt

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