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#275657 - She is now effectively immobilized she can’t move her right hand without falling on her face (so that stops her reaching back and trying to avoid being hit) and as long as you keep her weight forwards she hasn’t got the leverage to move her legs. So I know what you are thinking I am one of those a fabled male prostitutes, a good looking guy that spends his life kneeling between old women’s legs tasting fish and smelling talcum powder Well no that’s not me I am fat, smell a bit (especially when it is hot) and I work as a dominator but only in the evenings, by day I am just another sad office worker You see there are a lot of women out there that liked being spanked or caned Probably similar to the male judges and politicians that enjoy spending their evenings dressing up in women’s clothes. If you get caught in one of these evenings go first and then negotiate your punishment down by pointing out to everyone else they will get hurt as well.

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