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#180796 - Mom wobbled while she removed each piece of clothing and smiled happily at me, saying to me I am a little tipsy but its ok honey Mommies not that drunk, And she falls onto her bed I pushed her into her bed more covere her up and give her a kiss on the cheek saying good night Mom, I went to bed that night feeling like the Man of the House for sure. I was scared she would turn to get up and see me watching her, It wasn’t too long and she was getting up, I just sat frozen as she asked what’s for dinner, since we were the only ones eating and we had frozen dinners that’s what I suggested, oh yeah she said can I pick the one I want she said, ok get me a Mexican dinner, so after eating it was only about 5 pm, mom wouldn’t get home for 2 hours so we had a lot of free time to kill . She was to make a great wife huh.

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