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#236525 - yes master she said as she dressed and went home I'm tired honey I'm going to bed goodnight Lisa said as she kissed and walked upstairs her ass bouncing from side to side ooh Lisa if you hear the slaves screaming tonight it's me so don't worry he said as he winked at her and she laughed sure enjoy yourself she said and went to the bedroom James waited for a few minutes till Lisa was sleeping and looked at his slaves mom , laurien and Laura come sit on all fours infront of me he said as they lined up giving him a nice view of there pussy 's and asses Brian ? he Asked as he came out the kitchen you called sir ? he asked him and looked at the slaves on all four's and sees his daughter also on her knees get me a beer and take one yourself and sit next to me he said as Brian nodded took the beers and sat next to James and both took a sip and Brian ? What do you think of my new wife ? he asked him as Brian smiled can I

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