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#125537 - Jerry changed the subject to anal sex and why Amanda was “not willing to give that a try” it was a obvious come back to the oral sex put down “ we have discussed that and I made it clear that” I have tried it with a dildo and it hurts too much”, “you could get used to it just lube up well” added Susan “I really love it, it’s just so naughty, always have, always will”, “that explains a lot” said Amanda sarcastically, Jenny added that she had done it when younger and it had been “so so” but since she married Frank she hadn’t seen much cock until tonight and anyway she didn’t fancy him playing with her ass, but added that she might be open to offers, “I wouldn’t mind trying it either” said Debbie “ all my boyfriends are too frightened of getting poo on their beloved dicks” with that the conversation ended and the girls went to get everyone coffee. I was about to settle down to enjoy the show when Jerry came in and said that Amanda needed me upstairs, “needed me” I thought that’s a first

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