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#385702 - From some unknown source I felt a surge of energy flow through my body, the power I needed to disengage myself, take you in my arms and carry you to the bedroom where I gentle laid you on the large bed covered with silk sheets, I took only a moment to turn on the open reel player to fill the room with romantic jazz. You extended your hands out to me thus breaking my trance, I held it but resisted as you tried to pull me back down to the floor where you laid, it wasn't until a minute later that my eye was filled with your innocent beauty and my lips once more wanted to taste the sweetness of you did I submit I fell to my knees between your open thighs. Do you know what I did? My tongue found the solitary flower in your garden, my tongue tasted the sweet juices of your body, my love, it was so thick, so sweet and it flowed in such quantity that if I had not let out a scream of joy I would have been a helpless mass of human flesh between your thighs.

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