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#141004 - Lyn came over and kissed John, he held her firm and thanked her for a great night and how he saw sex in a different light now, and knew his time with her was going to get better still I went down sucking his cock dry, as Lyn kissed and cuddled John, then he told us he had better get home, and he dressed and left, but told Lyn he was looking forward to their next meeting, we both helped finish of the guys still left, then with Kerry and Lyn we took the last ones into the bath room for one last piss session, we all got soaked before a nice relaxing shower, Kerry fell asleep between us a. The week had worked out very good so far, Kerry was more than keen to try anything I put to her, even the biggest dildo we have she took the other night, so Saturday evening was closing in, she was getting nervous but excited too, she came round early Saturday afternoon to get ready and relax with us before the big night in front of all. We told John, Lyn's lover, and Frank and a few others

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Yue ayase
I laughed it was spring and the snow had already fallen it was very warm weather and sex in nature is always good
Purple gang or green gang