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#225986 - “Oh yes, this is coming along nicely, so I think it is time to move into the Operations Room and make a serious try at fucking this young lady!” Quite willingly, I took my hand from between Jasmine’s legs and as Miss Lem led the trembling girl away, I followed with great expectations. stood up and lifted Jasmine off the ‘sex sofa’ and gave her an affectionate hug and a final deep kiss on her mouth, saying, “You did very well my dear - you took your first full sized cock quite nicely and the next time we fuck you, it will feel twice as good! Now you can get dressed and go back to the Reception Room and finish tidying up in there. And he may even want to put a hand up your skirt and feel your cunt!” As the Madam gave the blushing girl a gentle shove toward me, she instinctively covered her naked breasts with her hands, but Miss Lem quickly pulled them back down, saying sternly, “Now none of that, Jasmine, here - I will help cure your modesty!” - as she deftly removed the girl’s nec

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