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#32767 - Dixon moved over next to Quincy, and in a husky voice, said softly, Just look at my nipples, all stiff and ready to be sucked, so be a good little girl and suck Mona's nipples for her!!! There was really nothing she could do to avoid it, so with no other way out, Quincy gingerly began licking and sucking Mona Dixon's warm chest, and much to her surprise, she actually found it quite pleasureable!!! Mmmmmmmm, Mona Dixon sighed, she has a very talented tongue, class, and just to show my gratitude, I'm going to let you all have a nice hard orgasm right along with me!!! Quincy was too busy sucking Mona's tits to notice what was happening, but when all at once her little hummer went to work, along with everyone else in the room, the whole class began sighing and moaning as huge orgasms began building deep inside their buring cunts!!! Normally it would have been a snap to cum, but since none of the girls could actually touch their gentials due to the chastity belt

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