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#310072 - that is, until his left hand snaps sharply against her skirt-covered buttocks, startling Stacy into silence and producing unexpected tears, which begin to run down her face. From the position she's in, she can't see his face, but can feel he's smiling as he kisses her temple and whispers into her ear, I knew you'd love it! It actually feels as if his cock has grown more erect and thicker at the acknowledgement of her unwitting passion for his forced entry, and as he holds her leg bent around his waist and Stacy looks out the drive-thru window--where absolutely anyone could see the two of them if they chose to come by for a prescription--the thrill of helplessly contributing to someone else's voyeurism and the feel of his thick cock prods her to start moving her hips in unision with his as he begins to thrust inside her, this strange and unknown meat massaging the walls of Stacy's vagina, which lubricates obediently to allow for easier entry. What&

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