Fuck Com Koi no Yamai - Idolish7 Suck Cock

[小日向 (あじこ)] 恋の病 (アイドリッシュセブン) [DL版]


Parodies: Idolish7 (15)
Languages: Japanese
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#232752 - This one is a dad/daughter incest roleplay. This story is an actually roleplay online between my boyfriend and I. yankees2girl: your downstairs and i run in and straddle you asking you like my panties daddy fucinhigh08: i lift your shirt a little and look mm those r cute baby whered you get those yankees2girl: i dont know, but you know where i think theyd be hotter fucinhigh08: “where baby” yankees2girl: right there i point to a place on the floor what do you think fucinhigh08: “i think your a smart little girl i say kissing your lips yankees2girl: i kiss you back as i take off my panties as we kiss fucinhigh08: still kissing you get back on my lap and grind my hard on through my jeans as we kiss yankees2girl: i toss my panties on the floor as i grind your cock through your pants, leaving a wet spot fucinhigh08: i moan as i undo my pants and pull out my cock and rub the head on your clit as we kiss harder yankees2girl: i move my hips so y

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