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#83585 - According to the address on the slip of paper this woman lived in the penthouse at the top. On top of that Suni has been out to get me for a while, I knew you’d just try to kill me, you’re not a very good liar, my powers of perception identified your motive even before you lied, I knew what you wanted, the way you stared at my tits, the way you hesitated before each lie. In the office theres a bowie knife, I want you to retrieve it, and throw it to me so I can cut the rope’ Akiba smiled and John felt like smiling back, she began walking towards the office and John seized his chance, while she wasn’t looking at him he swung his weight as hard as he could towards the catwalk, it was still slightly above him but that was no hindrance, as he swung back he pushed his weight forward again and with a leap of faith, jumped from the trapeze, his hand clamped around the side of the catwalk and he pulled himself up, breathing a sigh of relief he looked at Suni and pressed one vertical finger ag

Read Animated でめまん参 - Demento Swing でめまん参

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