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#98932 - A month has passed since Ayame was raped the first time by the horse demon and she hasn't gotten her period so she must be pregnant but between the horse demon, dog demons, Ou - Chan and the Orcs who knows wo the Father is, Ayame is happy that she's pregant again, she tells Merik and Rikimarue that she only exists to please demons and give birth to their children and that her Orc Son will have a half Brother or half Sister. In her dream Ayame is taking a long, hot shower when her now adult Orc Son knocks on the door and says Mother I need to use the bathroom can I come in? , Ayame says Sure Son come in , the door wasn't locked so her Orc Son opens the door and walks in, Ayame notices that he has a hulge bulge in his shorts and she says is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? . His hand on the back of her head, he's raping her mouth so fast and hard and she's gaging on his huge Orc cock then he bends her over the toilet and forces her head into the bowl as

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