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Hardfuck Wa-wo - Kantai collection Turkish

(サンクリ62) [Mebiusの環 (Nyx)] ワーヲ (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)


Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
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#107232 - But I feel my strength ebbing away; preacher, put away your prejudices, unbend, be a man, be human, without fear and without hope forget your gods and your religions too: they are none of them good for anything but to set man at odds with man, and the mere name of these horrors has caused greater loss of life on earth than all other wars and all other plagues combined. PRIEST - But you do surely believe something awaits us after this life, you must at some time or another have sought to pierce the dark shadows enshrouding our mortal fate, and what other theory could have satisfied your anxious spirit, than that of the numberless woes that betide him who has lived wickedly, and an eternity of rewards for him whose life has been good? DYING MAN - What other, my friend? that of nothingness, it has never held terrors for me, in it I see naught but what is consoling and unpretentious; all other theories are of pride’s composition, this one alone is of reason’s. PRIEST - Wretched

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Lol he going mess her up when he leave
Ken kaneki
Thank you this is amazing