#266145 - The next thing my mother got me to do,when he was there, was to wear only an old t-shirt ,without any pants,which barely covered my cunt ,then I had to walk around the kichen reaching up for things, I had to sit on his lap,with my back to him and my legs spread wide over his legs,then ,as part of the game,I had to tell him to tickle me,but to not touch my pussy,because it wasnt time,but soon it would be on heat. One day my mother said she would complain about my skirt getting creased when I sat on his lap,I then had to say I would take it off. I asked my mother if she wanted the vibrator back,my mother said she didnt,it was now mine,she had another one she would use,she told me to keep it in my bed so I could use it if I woke during the night,she also told me I had to eject first thing every morning and last thing at night to clear my cunt of cum.

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