Affair Ui mo Azusa mo CRAZY - K-on Gay Black

(C80) [PINK VIRUS (ヒロタケ)] 憂も梓もCRAZY (けいおん!) [英訳]


Parodies: K-on (123)
Languages: Translated
Categories: Doujinshi
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#66129 - We went to bed and both drifted off to sleep then early hours of the morning l was woken by Lyn wanking and sucking my cock, l couldn’t think of a better way to be woken and didn’t ask why she decided to suck me until l had given her something to swallow, Lyn’s answer was she couldn’t sleep. Lyn had wine with her meal and became quite carefree even kissing me as we ate not bothering who might see her, when we finished l suggested we get a taxi, but Lyn wanted to walk to her flat even though l said that people could see us together, so we kept away from the high street and went through the park, when she saw the play area Lyn wanted to use the swing which l enjoyed as l could see up her skirt, next it was the slide then a rocking horse which got her very excited, we lay on the roundabout and began kissing, she whispered “let’s do it on here while it spins around” then sat up slid out of her knickers. I didn’t do much with the rest of half-term as Lyn had made plans with her friends a

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