#38582 - The Naga Roast Story: Ani-Can 7 Copyright ©2005-2006 Written: September 11 2005 - November 3 2006 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected] Lina was woken up an hour or two later and realized she was naked and chained to the very table she had used to spit Naga, You little bitch, not only do you crash our party and blast us unconscious, you have ruined our meat!! the bandit was holding the spit she had used on Naga, So now we take yours he added placing the sharp end of the spit inside Lina's pussy, I don’t think im gonna make it to Seyruun today she thought to herself. That night nothing more was said on the subject of a girl-roast and Lina and Naga both went to sleep.

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