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#140279 - I sat back down on the toilet took the rest of my clothes of and brought the wine glass to my lips the glass was filled to the top so i was really excited i took a deep breath and then chugged the whole cum shit shake down my throat and swallowed it all down my belly tried to throw it back up again but i stopped myself i managed to keep it in my system all night till i had to pee next. Kev began to talk me into anal Kev- so do you still wanna try anal with me?'' Natasha- i dont know like i really need cock right now but im on my period and ive never tried anal before Kev - Ill be gentle at first after that you will love it believe me Natasha - Hmm ok promise you will be gentle He got up and took me by the hand and led me to the toilets. Diary Entry 17/09/01 _______________________ I was 16 in year 9 at high school and i decided to wag my last 2 periods and hang at the park on my own since nobody wanted to wag with me.

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