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#123391 - When school ended and I started to walk home when Angela ran up to me, and said, “hey you ready to leave?” before I could reply I felt something jab into my back, I jumped and saw Courtney laughing, before I could say anything I felt someone grab onto my arm, I turned beat red and slowly looked down to see Penny arm and arm with me, she smiled up at me and I nearly fainted, I looked over at Courtney and she was giving me a sly look so was my sister, before I said to them, “she isn’t my girlfriend she is going to be moving in with us Angela so you girls can stop ok?” they still gave me sly looks but didn’t say anything, the walk home was very awkward word cause I kept on getting the feeling that Penny and Courtney were shooting daggers at each other. ” I didn’t say anything but I just blushed, for some reason I get this way when im out in public. ” I smiled and put my hand around his should and he helped me out of the room we were being followed by my mom and Raven, and Ms.

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Valeera sanguinar
Nice hentai
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Love her sexy body
Let me know if you guys want me to release the whole hentai